Do the Hokey Cokey

Private View: Tuesday 2 of February 5-9 pm

Espacio Arterial, Mexico City



Melissa Kime, Keef Winter, Paul Schneider, Perce Jerrom, Richards Hards, Jessy Richards, Henry Coleman, Derzu Campos and Manuel Delaflor the winner of Art Competition organized by the Mexican Embassy in London Camaradas.  



Chalton Projects presents 'Do the Hokey Cokey'. This exhibition marks the temporary points of beginning and end in the edit of raw material. Bouncing it down, burning it out, the product of organisation and ordering to create a show. For this exhibition artists are extending the boundaries of the gallery space to the street, with subtle interruptions to the facade, producing playful strategies on the inside and out.

Within the gallery confines, politics with a small 'p' transverse nationalities, borders and perhaps most significantly, etiquette. What is the etiquette for display, for one work beside another in a physical space? How does the origin of the work and the culture in which it is made address the locality it is shown, within Mexico City? How does the organisation of the studio extend to the ordering of the exhibition space? 'Hokey Cokey' let's you hear the latest mix, read the recent draft, spiced by live performance and ambitious installations.



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