mi _ _c _ _


Private view: Saturday 7th of January 5 to 9 pm.


Chalton Gallery is pleased to begin the 2017 exhibition programme with the exhibition 'mi _ _c _ _' by Mexican artists: Eric Valencia, Israel Urmer, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Romeo Mijangos and Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba.

mi_ _c_ _ is a show about the obstacles, the traps, the difficulties and the adventures that artists experience in their process of production. When we attend an exhibition usually we encounter an annoying neutrality that stands for metaphysical cleanliness. The pieces appear in a scenario that resembles more a warehouse than a laboratory of experimentation with disasters, doubts an paradoxes.

mi_ _c_ _ is an exercise that is interested in the rhetorical crisis inhabiting in the contemporary art language.

mi_ _c_ _ is a place far away from home. Here we are less afraid to talk about our doubts. Here we can allow ourselves to be fragile. Our friends and our judges are not coming. We owe nothing to no one. We don't have a history to defend. Not even an intention to present ourselves as people coming from Mexico. Maybe curators, maybe artists.

mi_ _c_ _ doesn’t intend to be perfect. It rejects any notion that flirts with unity, totality or any kind of essentialism. Sometimes it longs for fragmentation: we dance but running away from straight lines. We have already seen the consequences of a progressive history.

mi_ _c_ _ also discards the naturalness of orality or any “organic” representation. It bets on the power of showing a problem beyond a nostalgic or sweetened statement.

The exhibition is curated by writer and curator Sandra Sanchez.  The exhibition will be open until the 22nd of January 2017.


Artists’ information

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba. León, Mexico, 1988.

Aguilar studied an MFA at the educational program of SOM. He is a founder and active member of Biquini Wax EPS. He has also collaborated with texts for magazines such as La Tempestad, Horizontal, Blog de Crítica, Arquine, etc. He has exhibited in the gallery kurimanzutto, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros and Ladrón Galeria.

Wendy Cabrera Rubio. Mexico City, Mexico, 1993.

Her work analyses different mechanisms of interpretation that arise in relation to knowledge and its dissemination. She has a particular interest in long-term processes, research and collaboration with third parties. The recurring themes in her work are architecture, biotechnology and education. Since 2014, she is part of the ‘Naif Verificators Indeed’ collective and   is an active member of the independent space Ladrón Galería.

Romeo Mijangos. Oaxaca, Mexico, 1992.

Starting from the idea of ​​person and site develops objects that question the way in which they are observed. The recurring ideas at work are the alien and the global retail stores. His pieces are produced in mixed media and are developed in small sets that can be exhibited in a modular way. At the same time he is interested in the assembly and management of exhibitions. Since 2014, it is part of the "Naif Verificators Ineed" where various exhibition platforms and their possibilities in the contemporary context are explored.

Israel Urmeer. Mexico City, Mexico, 1993.

Urmeer employs theory as a device that can function in artistic practice, using different visual and object-based media. His work has been presented individually and collectively at the Carrillo Gil Museum, Oficina de arte and Incubarte. He is co-founder of GAMA, a project that manages the Autonomous Gallery of the FAD, UNAM(2014-2016). He is also an active member of Biquini Wax EPS. He has collaborated with texts for blogs such as YEI-Magazine, P-100 and Mmmeta.file.

Eric Valencia. Tulancingo, Mexico, 1981.

Valencia studied fined art at the National School of Fine Art ‘La Esmeralda’. His work has been shown in more than twenty collective exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. He was selected in the First International Biennial of Obra Chiquita BIOCH and in the Third National Biennial of University Art. He has been a fellow of the Young Creators of the National Fund for Culture and Arts and the State Fund for Culture and Arts of Hidalgo. He is currently part of the team of Biquini Wax.

Curator’s Information

Sandra Sánchez. Estado de México, Mexico, 1988.

Sánchez is an art critic, curator and writer. She studied an MA on Visual Culture and Modern Literature. She is interest in contemporary art and the way it operates locally within the contemporary global discourse in which it is embedded. Since 2011 she writes art criticism in magazines and blogs focusing on emerging artists and their relationship with institutions. She is co-founder of Zona de Desgaste, a space dedicated to writing, reflection and analysis of contemporary art in Mexico City. She is an active member of the independent space Biquini Wax EPS.