Death by Coffee: Natalie Price Hafslund

Private view: 6 of December 6-10pm.

Natalie Price Hafslund presents new sculpture and video work at Chalton gallery. The artist will tell stories from the desert in the pub next door following the opening.


I met a salt farmer in the Mojave desert, I asked him what his eyes felt like after 30 years of working with salt and he just looked at me harder. brinier. He said, ‘What do you think’

I told him they were wonderfully intense and wondered if what he saw was as beautifully cured as what his eyeballs looked like.

Then he smiled at me and I felt my bits begin to jerky

He asked me what I do to feel good. I looked up at him, shielding the sun off and explained how I would like to peel the dry skin of a scalp in one whole piece and eat mango in a bed of fresh linen

The juice would cease to exist everywhere and I would think about nothing, words stickily falling round my ears in incredible ways like tetras

shifting my legs apart to make new waze, two mosquitos buzzing at slightly different pitches approach, settling at each side of my inner thighs and sucking precisely as hard as they can. 

I told him how all the mosquitos come to my tent at night and how I hear them scream in horror when my head lamp illuminates what they're after

as all my bones fall deep into the mattress it feels like the right thing for everyone.

Then we went to his house for a bbq where I had a little float in one of the long thick salt lakes before realising this is probably how he prepares his women, so I shook the lettuce and went on my way, burning holes in the desert with piss for the ants to make cities in. 

Natalie Price Hafslund (b.1987) lives and works in London, graduated from the RCA in 2015.

Past exhibitions include Tarantallegra, Hester, New York 2016; Yellowed minds, C-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels 2016; Wysing Polyphonic, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 2016; Prinz (the ghosts are outside) Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin 2015; If a lesson on the fourth-order tensile strength coeficients of nuclear-hardened steel could make you realize the futility of your actions, I would instruct you – but the only thing that primitive minds like yours can understand is raw *power*! Baltic 39, Newcastle, UK 2015; Sargassum, Nats Gallery, London 2015; Pause Patina, Camden Arts Centre, London 2015.  

Exhibition dates7-10 of December 2016.

 Wash & Go 2016.  Still Image of video installation.

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, 2016


 Detailed from I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, 2016.

 Detailed from Physics 2016

Species 2016

Executive Function 2016

Burning Bush 2016