I'll be more social tomorrow

Saturday  18 of November  10 pm 

Caterina Gobbi has created the environment i’ll be more social tomorrow to host a series of sonic situations. Taking place during Chalton Gallery’s after-hours featured performances are responding to the conditions provided by space, time and audience whilst playing with accepted behaviour patterns between those who are hosting and those who are guests.

Through site specific installations, choreographic approaches to image-making and gestures that create a feedback loop between movement and its digital representation in sound, i’ll be more social tomorrow investigates how a space is shaped and how we relate to one another. The exclusive use of headphones during all listening sessions explores in what way this medium, which is predominantly accepted as an emblem of social decline, evokes feelings of social distance and closeness.

Performances by: Caterina Gobbi/Joshua Leon/Tom Mills/Will Primett

Video works and audio works: Caterina Gobbi, Rosie Gibbens, IOKOI, Mati Jhurry, Poppy Moroney, k28, Name Surname, TCTC. 


Curated by Johanna Hardt and Caterina Gobbi