The Politics of Too Many Rubbish Dinner Parties


Private view: Tuesday 30 of May 2016

In 1995, less than 1% of the world's population had access to the Internet. As we bridged the millennium, the influence that technology would have on quotidian existence increased exponentially. And we are now faced with bigger questions, bigger choices, on the nature of such dependence. 

What if there is not a choice? 

Chalton Gallery presents: The Politics of Too Many Rubbish Dinner Parties, a curated exploration of technological and artisanal intersection in contemporary art. Seven young artists (Michal Raz, Dominic Dispirito, Henry Tyrrell, Sofia Mitsola, Elisa Carutti, Tom Davis, and Gabriella Giroletti) electively limited the scope of free will within their practice using a Random Word Generator, generating the titles of the artworks and of the exhibition. Resulting in a series of previously unseen artworks that - collectively - present a spectrum of varying degrees of machine influence.

Curated by Carla Klein

Exhibition dates: 31/5-3/6 2017