Karla Leyva & Geneva Sills

Private view: Friday 14th April 6-10 pm.

Exhibition Dates: 11-16 April 2017

Chalton Gallery presents the exhibition 'Karla Leyva & Geneva Sills'. Two artists who explore in parallel the material possibilities of photography and the point of union with other artistic mediums. Interested in queries about the reproduction of the image and its problems of representation, the exhibition brings together a selection of new and recent work from one artist based in Mexico City and another coming from Glasgow.

The images included in the exhibition allude to the human body and its connection with states of mind. They show fragments of the female body along with other figures that carry a symbolic charge: cones and eggs, a black balloon, stones attached with a string to a woman’s waist. 

Sills investigates questions of gender and sexual politics; her photos contain a flirtatious attitude, a sensual standpoint. There is a sense of steadiness and equilibrium. A quiet and simple kind of eroticism. Inspired by a single photograph produced by Paul Outerbridge, her cones and eggs delve into the materiality of photography as a medium, and its relationship to painting.

Leyva, on the other hand, is concerned with the formal expression of emotions and moods; her photos contain some kind of anxiety, a subtle pain. She is interested in the relationship of volume and the two-dimensional image: its boundaries with sculpture and installation, and the use of paper or canvas, speaking of inherent themes like the overproduction of images, illusion and desire.

Sills and Leyva challenge the formal possibilities of photography as a medium, dragging us beyond any frame, as if these images revealed a desire beyond what they show.

Curated by Paula Zambrano

Geneva Sills (b. Chicago, U.S, 1987) earned her MFA from the Glasgow school of Art in 2012. Since studying she has lived and worked between Glasgow and Chicago, exhibiting in both cities as well as further afield. Most recently, Sills staged her first solo exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow Intermedia Gallery in November/December of 2016.

Karla Leyva (b. Monterrey, Mexico, 1979), recently graduated from the Soma Education Programme in Mexico City. She has presented her work in individual, group exhibitions and festivals internationally. At the end of 2016 she published her first book under the seal of Colección Circulo de Arte. More recently, she was selected in the Biennial Femsa XII, receiving honorific mention and awarded the Femsa residency in France in 2017.