Study Day: Contemporary Art in Mexico

Wednesday 18 of January

5:30 to 9 pm

This event will address issues related to the current state of Contemporary Art in Mexico including: The role of public and private museums, art fairs, comercial galleries, independent spaces, charitable foundations, etc.


Lassla Esquivel Durand
Art historian, consultant, independent curator, art producer and researcher. She has an MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market by the University of Warwick. She specialises in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America.

Sandra Sanchez:
Art critic, curator and writer. She studied an MA on Visual Culture and Modern Literature.
She is co-founder of Zona de Desgaste, a space dedicated to writing, reflection and analysis of contemporary art in Mexico City. She is an active member of the independent space Biquini Wax EPS.

Tamara Ibarra (video).
Visual artist and founder od the digital platform YEI , which brings together 521 self-managed artists from independent projects throughout Latin America.

Pili Alfonso (video)
Head of Modern and Contemporary Art Department
at Morton Casa de subastas. 

Javier Caldeón:

Works between Mexico and London. Founder of Chalton Gallery, which champions Cotemporary Mexican Art. Suports British artists in Mexico.

This event will address issues related to the current state of