Fade to purple

Slade BA & MA + guests artists

2 of December 6-11 pm.

Chalton Gallery presents a scratch night of performances and time based works by Slade BA & MA + guests.

Fade to purple is taking place between Chalton Gallery and the Cock Tavern and is part of 'Temporary Futures'; a programme dedicated to showcase Temporary Art. Some of the performances will be in response to the current exhibition My Sky by Henry Coleman.

Gray Wielebinski, Rosie Carr, Eom Jeongwon, Shenece Oretha, Hazel Brill, Rosa- Johan Uddoh, Yarli Allison, Georgia Lucas-Going, Christopher Kirubi, Katarzyna Perlak, Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, ROWDY SS, Agnieszka Szczotka, Rebecca Bellantoni, Francisca Aires Mateus, Naomi Fitzsimmons, Gabriella Hirst and Eloise Lawson.

After the perfromances you can throw some shapes to tunes played by ROWDY SS, Rebecca Bellantoni & DJ Kalinka.

Artist info:

 Gray Wielebinski: www.graywielebinski.com Instagram: gray wilbank.

Rosie Carr: I was sitting at home one evening with a drink that had ice cubes in it , 2016.  Performance www.rosiecarr.co.uk

Eom Jeongwon: Fitting into a frame2016. Video. Eomjeongwonwork.tumblr.com

Shenece Oretha: Holey, holey, holey, 2016. Video.Instagram: @oooretha

Hazel Brill: Welcome, 2016. Video installation. www.hazelbrill.com

Rosa- Johan Uddoh: I Have Nothing If I Ain't Got You2016. Video.  Venus2016. Performance,  rosajohanuddoh.com Inst: @rosa_johan

Yarli Allison: Fingering, 2016. Performance.  From Kendra, with love (but let's not talk about it), 2016. Video www.YarliAllison.com

Georgia Lucas-Going: Engerland 2016. Video Performance. Instagram: @GEORGIAWEIRDO

Christopher Kirubi: He Can't Be In Here, 2016. Performance. Twitter: @xtfr91 / instagram: bumble.hole

Katarzyna Perlak: Self-portrait w/ 2 strawberries, 2016. Performance.  http://katarzynaperlak.com/ Inst: baby_u_my_warld

Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley: Dark Creamy Spaces, 2016. Video & performance. Instagram: @ladydangfua

ROWDY SS: Humanoid, 2016. Video. Instagram:@ROWDY_SUPERSTAR

Agnieszka Szczotka: I LOVE BRITAIN AND BRITAIN LOVES ME, 2016. Video. Instagram: @amatorska

Rebecca Bellantoni: Brixton Hill Night Works (CYMoKay), 2014. Video. DHQ Nikeisha, 2016 . Performance http://quietasitskept.tumblr.com/ Instagram: @rebeca.bellantoni

Francisca Aires Mateus: LN, 2016. Performance. http://cargocollective.com/fairesmateus

Naomi Fitzsimmons: Just be yourself, 2016. Performance. http://www.naomifitzsimmons.com/

Gabriella Hirst: There is only so much that I can give you, 2016. Performance. www.gabriellahirst.com

Eloise Lawson: Getting to know you, 2016 . Performance www.eloiselawson.net @eloiselawson



Image credits:  Still image by Rebecca Bellantoni from the video: Brixton Hill Night Works (CYMoKay), 2014.