The Museum of Portable Sound

Playing excerpts from the permanent collection.

Friday 4 of November 6 pm

The Museum of Portable Sound brings the culture of sound to the world, one listener at a time. Opened in November 2015, the Museum is celebrating its one year anniversary with a re-launch event, opening a vastly expanded version of its permanent collection galleries and a new temporary exhibition of solo sound works by emerging Mexican sound artist Daniel Toca.

Visitors to the Museum of Portable Sound meet one-on-one with the Museum’s Director for a private tour of the museum, which is itself portable – it only exists on a single mobile phone, and none of its collections are distributed online. The Museum of Portable Sound is not an app – it’s an experience.

For this exclusive listening event at the Chalton Gallery, we will begin the evening at 6.00pm by playing excerpts from our newly-expanded permanent collection galleries, which now contain over 100 objects that explore the culture of sound.

At 6.30pm, we will listen to the entire 15-minute exhibition by Daniel Toca:

‘Transitivity of Implication’ is Daniel Toca’s first real approach to sound. It’s about the causal chain that he’s created by transubstantiating his own words into spoken word and sound pieces (with the collaboration of Mexican improviser and musician Carlos Edelmiro), like in a hypothetical syllogism that leads us to conclude that from P we can infer ‘infinite’.

Daniel has written a text score exclusively for this event. It will be performed live by renowned sound artist and vocalist Viv Corringham.

We’ll also be handing out our new museum maps and showing off our all-new Gallery Guide!

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