Sonic Realms

Saturday 15 of October 2016 6-9 pm

Voice and Electronics



Chalton Gallery presents an evening of performances that explore the interplay between voice and electronics accompanied by digital and analogue moving image.


Sarmen Almond

Sarmen Almond is a Mexican musician, singer and performer. After finishing composition and singing in Mexico City she traveled to Paris in 2007 to work under Linda Wise and Enrique Prado’s teaching, especially in choreographic theatre’s principles and in Roy Hart extended vocal techniques. She then moved to Belfast, UK where she finished her Master in Sonic Arts (Interdisciplinary Arts) at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.

Postcards from the Volcano

Postcards from the Volcano is a sonic collaboration between musician, Stephan Barrett and artist-producer, Helen Frosi.
Born in 2014 out of an interest in deep- and critical listening and the site-specificity, socio-cultural- and creative possibilities of sound, Postcards from the Volcano focus their practice on the poetics of landscape, nature and space in relation to the (non) human.
Their practice spans performance, experimental radio and fixed media. Works often interweave location recordings with spoken word pieces, sound art, sonic experiments, sound collage, classical, contemporary, folk and many other forms of music.
Postcards from the Volcano have performed live at various venues: 100 Years Gallery, Anatums Abode, Bechdel, Goldsmiths University of London, Harts Lane Gallery, The Mary Ward Centre, The Road to Mount Helicon, and curated and produced a series of radio shows focusing on the poetics of place for SonicaFM.



Jarjor is the solo project of the spanish artist Jorge Pedro Sobrevilla Cruz based in UK.
Noise, drone, dark drone, dark ambient or whatever you what to call it. He considered it contemporary punk. He has worked with international performance artists such as Begoña Grande and Congelada de Uva o Ignacio Galilea.Part of Alter Consciens, a spanish association, he is interested in new ways of art and awareness.
Jorge is also a member of the Orquestra Mucho. He has performed in Spain, Singapore and UK. "Digital and Analogic frequencies came from where words are not enough. Life is so thick, so dense in an unique track. We are those vibrating wires.

Karel Doing

Karel Doing (1965, Canberra, Australia) is an artist and filmmaker who is working across analogue and digital formats. He is driven to connect implausible links: urban/nature, music/maths, passion/ratio, analogue/digital. After being based in Arnhem and Rotterdam (the Netherlands), he now lives and works in London (UK/EU).

Blanca Regina

Blanca is an artist, teacher and curator based in London. She works with sound, performance and moving image. She has performed with various artists, including Terry Day, Leafcutter John, Beresford and Matthias Kispert and curated a number of events and installations in London and internationally. Her last solo exhibition: ‘Expanded and Ephemera Audiovisual’ was presented at MUPO, Oaxaca, México in November 2015.