East Anglia Records

Rhythm and Disappointment.

Sunday 31 of July 6-9 pm.

On Sunday 31st July Chalton Gallery host East Anglia Records to launch their latest compilation album Rhythm and Disappointment.

The night will feature performances by Leo Niberal, Madeleine Stack, Nadja Voorham and Mark William Lewis.

The rooms will be designed by Freddie Duffield and Ulijona Odišarija.

The Album, Rhythm and Disappointment will be made available for free download on the night at EASTANGLIARECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM featuring music by Lord Brache, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, Benedict Drew, luxul, Ziad Nagy, Katarzyna Perlak, Harriet Rickard, Slossy, Ruth Waters and others.

East Anglia Records is a music label and originator of the genre, Rhythm and Disappointment (R&D). Started by its self-appointed A&R Harry Bix as a series of music performance nights called ‘Album Launch’, it has developed into a stage for releasing new music that explores the characteristic of wanting more and giving up. Looping optimism; transport infrastructure; aggy lost love; self-help; bad drumming and skipping CDs are themes explored in R&D.

East Anglia Records (hand)makes nights and compilation albums.These include ICA’s NO SCREENING with Sounds like curated by Cristine Brache, ‘Later with.. East Anglia Records’ for Lea Collet’s Circular Stream Corporation TV. The first compilation album ‘East Anglia Records compilation album’ was launched at Assembly Point last year, listed as one of AQNB’s top Frieze fringe events.