Beyond Frida

Mexican Female Artists 1970-Presen: Talk

Saturday 21 of May 5 pm.

Frida Kahlo (b. 1907-d. 1954) is considered the Mexican female artist 'par excellence'. Her imagery disseminated key aspects of 'the indigenous', notions of gender and Mexican identity worldwide. However, later generations have altered the 'status quo' in female Mexican art, rejecting the historical neutrality and generating a change in the perception of women artists. In search of equality, against patriarchy, and averse to hegemonic systems, art production from 1970s onwards was inextricably linked to ongoing feminist struggles in Mexico. 

‘Beyond Frida: Mexican Female Artists 1970-Present’ is a roundtable discussion that explores the artists who have made these new narratives possible. The featured speakers will attempt to demystify the image of 'female artist' which Frida Kahlo created, while simultaneously tracing and analysing her significance and impact, leading to new contents in contemporary art practice. With the participation of female Mexican artists and curators from different generations, the discussion will focus on the shifting representation of Mexican female art post-1970.